May I sing a song? Speak like a monk! Am I lucky and forgiven? Shall I fly to, heaven? Perch on the moon! You are mine, a fortune! Looking into your eyes, Seated close, are you shy? Curling lips, impish smile, Dreams travel, more miles, Your eyes, eclipse lotus! Am I noble? Thy precious! Decades […]


Two nuclear physicists’ escaped from Siberia   Smuggled enriched plutonium via Germany to Serbia Navigating river Danube the longest in Europe Arrived Rila  mountain, of Bulgaria, code named Bishop! Discreetly enclosed facility, an underground cellar,  Assembling explosive device attributes thermal nuclear! While the secret service of Soviets, briefed, activated, Satellite “Comsat” sensing the radioactive validated,  […]


Humans from the day of genesis, today till now, Speaks noble by religious scriptures vow,  Sky, stars, moon, marine life, sea, breeze, Earth, plants, flowers, rivers, forest, trees, These never transform, but people change! By circumstances, contradictive temperaments, strange! Nobility sparks, everyone prays religiously, God’s fateful prophesies, tutored profoundly! People have changed over time! Aeroplanes […]


    Salzburg! Austria a country of scenic beauty, Alps mountain range, far above looming, Spring flowers pink, blue and orange blooming, The back drop of crystal clear waters, The lake silent, swirling mist, breeze whispers; Fragile old man, sat beside his wife’s cemetery.   A week before his son’s birthday, Wanted a BMW sports […]


  River Nile, one of the longest, flows through Egypt, Far-flung byzantine civilization worshiped, Anubis, god of death, came out of the pyramid, Watched a beautiful bird on a tree perched, While ATUM god of creation, could foresee, And fancied the bird to be happy and free, That Anubis, will grab the soul for afterlife, […]


Devoted love is sublime, she said I do, The faithful ring spoke, the ones true; Bonded together, under favorable culmination, Life seems rosy, with optical illusions, Caught in the vortex of statutory life, Dedicated, dutiful, benevolent housewife, The radical husband, a potential arsonist, Sparked controversies, a pernicious protagonist, Despite fears, proven time and again, Subversive […]


String of contemplation, yearning to be with you, Love can’t be isolated but close, to be with you, Hazel eyes, mine stygian, dilates, to be with you, Love can’t hide but seek, to be with you, You took away my heart, to be with you, How can I live? But to be with you, Riding […]