Wind so cold, from mountains high, Wispy white clouds, in the sky, Downcast shadows, nature’s grand, Playing hide and seek on farmland!   Boulders of the bygone ages, Looming high, perched by sages, Precarious though, sat in crevice, Awaiting my beloved arrives.   Down below, train chugging slow, Bellowing smoke, horns blow, Dead on tracks […]


  In birth or death alongside you, My love for you, thou knew, The worldly vision might be strange! Our adoring minds never change!! Fragrance of flowers at dawn, Will wither redolence gone, The human love, in death dissolves, The eternal radiance, in us evolve, Hugging you, in my dreams, Soft and feathery, thou eyes […]


Dark clouds of auburn hair, Muddling your profile, so fair, Idols off the pedestal shy, Lost shine moon in sky!   Ravishing brown eyes, wide, Perked up nose divide, Impish lips, dimpled cheeks, Simple smile makes me weak!   Dreams on my mind set, Swirling mist on my behest, Riding the wisp of cloud, Beauty […]


May I sing a song? Speak like a monk! Am I lucky and forgiven? Shall I fly to heaven? Perch on the moon! You are mine, a fortune! Looking into your eyes, Seated close, are you shy? Curling lips, impish smile, Dreams travel, more miles, Your eyes, eclipse lotus! Am I noble? Thy precious! Decades […]


Showers ceased, streets in puddle, Clouds clear, people huddle, Chill breeze, community awakes, Mist hovering over the Oakes, Dawn stirs lazy, in deep purple.   Felon escaped, from prying eyes, Booty clutched, tight in disguise, Robbed, a couple of women’s home, One struggled acid thrown, Another yielded was she wise?   Culprit on the run, […]


Dawn was cold ‘n drizzling, Storm clouds dark, gathering; Whiff of smoke, spiraling skyward, Splattering rain, roof shuddered;   Destitute young girl, so fragile, Happiness deprived, not so agile, Shattered dreams of life, matrimony; Confirmed pregnant, elders peremptory!   Perked up wind, to form gale, Howling, to an indefinite squall, Trees bend, branches spluttering, Fetus […]


Ray of radiance, shears the dark, Path shown to, proffer God; Enchanted seed of life, awed, Shattered tranquility, mystic words hark!   Ways to evade, one’s demise, Inner self, wide open, an invite! Soul light shines, so bright, Perpetual quest, for lasting peace!     Beyond, birth and death, doth quelled, Scriptures ‘n prayers, are […]