Aegean, sea of eastern Greece,Splashing waves of cyan, green;Amidst feathery clouds,An island of Cyprus, shroudsA mysterious girl, Psyche,So pretty, men paused awestruck,But, God of love Aphrodite,Called her son Eros overnight,Jealousy and deceit wish to punish,By an arrow of Eros, to banishHer mind, to accept a bride,A hideous monster, to unite!But Eros, fell for her beauty,His […]


Salzburg, the Austrian city awoke,The wind from the Alps, choke The fallen Autumn leaves, Stirring up in the breeze,Yet, the ground below is warm Enough, to suffocate and deform; My love, left me and gone,On a bright midsummer morn, Ravaged, slumped and sleepless, My soul, slipped in her coffin, breathless, Her aubourn hair, curled and […]


The gentle breeze, of the Aegean seas,Blew over Olympus mountains, in Greece;High above a castle, lived Orpheus,A lyre player, drives everyone oblivious;Orpheus lyre, enchanted Eurydice,A damsel, of stunning beauty, none defies;Their marriage was a glorious one,But jubilation always ends;Eurydice life ebbed, by viper’s fangs,Devastated Orpheus, in angst,Pursued her to the underworld,And convinced Hades, the lord,To […]


Stars, sparkling in the dark skies, Wind, blowing over, the Aegean seas, Twilight sets the sleep awakens Rolling mountains, moon lit heavens! Sixty-six miles passed ‘n anxiety How many more, ‘n sobriety! Yet not an adult, euphoric, Guided, nurtured, life lessons, hypnotic! Parents faded, dissolved over time, Four of family, ancestry, sublime! Residues of pain, […]

TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona

The sky turned frosty, Tears brimming, softly; News of mano mama’s demise, A unique agony of surprise, Unspoken, grief stricken, Heartfelt, so barren, The god so loved him, Took him, left us in chasm; You just, walked towards night, To unveil, the mystery of light; Your wisdom, a running brook, Dissolve in ocean, one last […]


Sky over cast, sunlight shrouded, Pale, the weather clouded, We used to walk the dale, Regardless of raging gale, Tugging the leash, trotting behind, Pug, Well bred, defined, On garden benches,  Trodden weeds and lone stretches, Thou silent, distant church bell, Together, not a soul to tell; Your silken flanks, Adorable, silent pranks,   Sprinting on the beach, Surfing waves, beyond reach, So long after […]


Darkness creeps, the azure sky, Celestial stars, twinkling high, while the moon, draped in a cloud, stars studded, the crown of my beloved!  The gentle caressing Breeze, That ripples on the high seas, Heart never fails to forget, Past memories comfort, Near visions of you, Blurred images pursue, Mouth a cupid’s bow, parted lips, Depicts, […]


Eyes might wander, but never tread yonder, While marching ahead, keep mind clear, Mind might drift, but men should pause, Past doesn’t matter, feel no remorse, Passed visions, dissolves in dreams, Whatever said, absolved in breeze! Trust what you believe, then preach,  Good deeds, proliferate peace, Truth and honour, always triumph! Ethics of mankind, unified is enough, Honesty is born out of passion, Pinnacle of fame, attained by […]


Salzburg! an Austrian city glistens, Feathery white snow, of heavens, Flakes of the Alpine mountains, Freezing pines, wind so intense, Chilly breeze, clipping my ears, Warm in my arms, clutching my collars, She watched me, her celestial eyes, My feelings, of being in paradise! She implored will you love me forever? I pledged, with all […]


Attributes of love is, LIKING INTIMACY! Plus commitment is COMPANIONATE affinity! Add PASSIONATE love, is pure ROMANTIC! Passion includes INFATUATION specific! Plus commitment, is love FATUOUS! Pure commitment is, EMPTY LOVE conscious! Passion, intimacy, commitment Together, enhances love CONSUMATE! Let’s elaborate vis- a- vis According to ancient Greeks wish EROS means passionately EROTIC, PHILIA means […]