Mom kissed me, when I’m child, Sister kissed me, when I cried, But “Sri” only looked at me, And that made me happy; Mom’s kisses faded away, Sister’s kisses vanished in play, The quite unspoken words, Beauty in her floral skirt, She never kissed at all; The Kiss in Sri’s eyes, can tell, Five decades […]


While vision surge, THOUGHTS PROVOKE ! While thoughts provoke, speech chokes, While speech chokes, actions prosper, While actions prosper, we become popular, While becoming popular, our assets grow, While assets grow joys overflow, While joys overflow, our life is excellent, While life is excellent, we become insolent, While insolent, our speech elaborate, While speech elaborates, […]


The celestial rays, shears the dark, An young mother, treading softly ask, The journey; is it strenuously long? The path is hard but happy ‘n lifelong, Thy grow old, before reaching the end, Refreshingly though, beginning will blend, And the mom, with her three kids, Jumped with joy, played ‘n kissed, In the meadows lush, […]


May I sing a song? Speak like a monk! Am I lucky and forgiven? Shall I fly to, heaven? Perch on the moon! You are mine, a fortune! Looking into your eyes, Seated close, are you shy? Curling lips, impish smile, Dreams travel, more miles, Your eyes, eclipse lotus! Am I noble? Thy precious! Decades […]