TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona

Dedicated to my dear sister

The sky turned frosty,

Tears brimming, softly;

News of mano mama’s demise,

A unique agony of surprise,

Unspoken, grief stricken,

Heartfelt, so barren,

The god so loved him,

Took him, left us in chasm;

You just, walked towards night,

To unveil, the mystery of light;

Your wisdom, a running brook,

Dissolve in ocean, one last look;

Harp strings, though separated,

Quiver to music, generated;

Never were afraid to die,

Nor defeated, ever in life;

A true believer never perished,

In our hearts, always cherished;

Sweet memories, battles within,

Never know, could I win?

You know, our mind with thine!

Lost happiness, remnants of time!

Your voice, delightful to hear,

So are your generosity, endear;

Our hearts, stand in the sun,

Tears, blurred our vision;

Your hands, caressing unseen,

Walked the clouds, serene!

And you just melted, into the sun,

With the winds of heaven!


Are you happy in heaven mano mama?

Yeah, a collegium formed, to find armour,

All the holy spirits, have gathered,

Praying to our, beloved father,

To annihilate the virus, that permeates

The human race to decimate,

Soon our prayers, can expect,

Our god’s breath of life, to protect!


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123 thoughts on “TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona

  1. Srikanth, this was so beautifully written and such a lovely tribute that touched my heart. It was truly so moving and touching and I’m sure your words landed to the heart of your loved one and they felt your love. I’m sending love and prayers as you grieve. My condolences❣️💖

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      1. Oh you are sooo welcome Srikanth. I will hold your tears and your heart with a virtual hug. A very dear friend and client from the US just found out her 54 year old niece passed due to the virus and is devastated as well. So much loss and I’m so glad that my words give you solace during such a sad time. Big hugs and love friend❣️🌷

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