Sky over cast, sunlight shrouded,

Pale, the weather clouded,

We used to walk the dale,

Regardless of raging gale,

Tugging the leash, trotting behind,

Pug, Well bred, defined,

On garden benches, 

Trodden weeds and lone stretches,

Thou silent, distant church bell,

Together, not a soul to tell;

Your silken flanks,

Adorable, silent pranks,  

Sprinting on the beach,

Surfing waves, beyond reach,

So long after sunset,

Far from dawn, with regret,

Adrift, ‘lost my only friend,

Feel like, ‘am abandoned!

Memoirs of bygone days,

My heart still ablaze,

This darkest hour, mourn,

Grief ‘have ever known,

Loved you more, but showed me how,

Thou Paws of comfort bestow,

No going back to find,

What we had in mind,

Run along dear, where happiness awaits,

Be seeing you in a portrait,

​In our hearts, love resides,  ​

With deceit, the destiny decides!

Its time now, for you to rest,

Find your way, towards sunset,

My smiles with you, I forgot,

Me standing alone, while you depart!!


Are you in heaven Quinto?

No, ‘am with you!!

Always and all the time?

No! Sometimes, mostly bedtime!!

Picture curtesy from GIPHY


  1. there are few things more devastating than the loss of a family pet; this is so beautiful and heartfelt: it brought back memories of my dogs; ; a loving tribute — and a gorgeous photo 🙂

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  2. Am so moved! I can feel the pain, void that our adorable pet can cause when they say good bye to us. The unconditional love, the stress relief, the mood changers, can never come back once they leave us. You have captured every essence of emptiness in our life caused by thier absence. No one can ever make us happy again like what they have given us. Miss you Quinto, Enzo, dizzy, mickey!!!!! Be with us through your memories 💓💓

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    1. Thank so much Arun for your kind words of understanding, our only solace is we have given them a home and the difference is we are still living in it without them in anguish


  3. Beautiful poem Srikanth. You describe these feelings that I am acutely acquainted with very well. May you find a little peace and comfort knowing his soul is still around and in the memories you made.

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      1. It will take time. We lost our cat 2 weeks ago. She had been with us for 15 years. There will always been that gap within us where their memories reside and I just try to be grateful for the time we had. Sending much love and light.

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