Stars, sparkling in the dark skies,

Wind, blowing over, the Aegean seas,

Twilight sets the sleep awakens

Rolling mountains, moon lit heavens!

Sixty-six miles passed ‘n anxiety

How many more, ‘n sobriety!

Yet not an adult, euphoric,

Guided, nurtured, life lessons, hypnotic!

Parents faded, dissolved over time,

Four of family, ancestry, sublime!

Residues of pain, ‘n pathos,

Shadows deep, crimson scars, repose!

My heart beats, ebbing, I hear,

Destination near, yet too far,

Lord, will I hear the whistle,

Or miss the train, ‘n become invisible!!

The gentle breeze over the seas,

Smell of grass roots, cease!

Last solace, beneath the silent glen!

Disrupted by the death knell!! 

53 thoughts on “END OF DAYS

      1. You are welcome SRIKANTH !! I am happy to hear I inspire you. II am just being honest with my comments my friend. Keep creating such incredible poems for all of us to read and swallow with our eyes !!

        Liked by 1 person

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