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Aegean, sea of eastern Greece,
Splashing waves of cyan, green;
Amidst feathery clouds,
An island of Cyprus, shrouds
A mysterious girl, Psyche,
So pretty, men paused awestruck,
But, God of love Aphrodite,
Called her son Eros overnight,
Jealousy and deceit wish to punish,
By an arrow of Eros, to banish
Her mind, to accept a bride,
A hideous monster, to unite!
But Eros, fell for her beauty,
His conscious felt guilty,
Days passed but none proposed,
Despite her beauty, men indisposed,
A mortal, Psyche couldn’t marry,
Her parents went to Delphi,
God Apollo’s sanctuary,
Along with Psyche, looking so pretty,
To seek guidance and an oracle
Spelt, she wears black ensemble,
And climb over a mountain,
Wait alone, with intent passion,
So will a winged serpent appear,
Take her as wife ‘n disappear!
On the mountain she waited,
Desperate, delicate and desolate,
Zephyrus, the God of wind,
Blew her to a castle, she destined,
Accompanied by a sweet voice,
Felt at home, she rejoiced!
Eros will join her, after dark,
Before dawn, he will embark!
She felt, he’s not a monster,
A loving husband, no wonder!
Cheerful days passed, as celebrity,
Family missed, troubled ‘n solitary,
Eros consented for reunion,
But not listen to their opinion,
Cautioned, not to disobey,
Or suffer, if she betrays!
Next day, her sisters arrived,
Carried by the wind, joys revived!
Jealousy allured the sisters,
Psyche’s mind, Poisoned whispers!
What if the oracle, is true?
Intrigued, none to speak to,
He a prince or a monster
As prophesied, she wondered!
Devised a plan, to light a candle,
If he’s a prince, will be gentle,
Or a monster, will slay by her knife!
No more, will she be his wife!
But the oil spilt, over his mantle,
Startling Eros, psyche froze, puzzled!
Prince indeed, beautiful and handsome,
Without trust, love can’t blossom!
So, saying, Eros vanished!
Psyche disheartened, languished;
She sought the advice, of Aphrodite;
Whereby, three tough task to complete,
To reunite, all of them, accomplished!
Still Aphrodite, scorned and punished,
And God’s of Olympus, sent Hermes
To Eros and explain, Psyche’s loyalties,
Touched by her undaunted love,
Together Blessed, God Zeus from above,
Psyche got god’s potion, Ambrosia to taste,
Now immortal, reckoned, never judge love in haste!!

Based on a story from Greek Mythology curtesy Google

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