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Salzburg, the Austrian city awoke,
The wind from the Alps, choke
The fallen Autumn leaves,
Stirring up in the breeze,
Yet, the ground below is warm
Enough, to suffocate and deform;
My love, left me and gone,
On a bright midsummer morn,
Ravaged, slumped and sleepless,
My soul, slipped in her coffin, breathless,
Her aubourn hair, curled and carressed,
Serene, her eyes closed at rest,
My arms around her nape,
As she lay on my lap,
Alive or in after life,
Everlasting, my beloved wife,
Her kiss as cold as snow,
Entiwined, her icy cold toes;
But quite not ready, for farewell,
Darling, take me out of this spell;
Saw myslef, kneeling by the tombstone,
And dark clouds gathered, as i moan,
Howling wind blew, at gale force,
Whipping up trees and shores,
The last autumn leaves blown,
Ripped out beyond the horizon;
Lightening and a thunder clap,
As she rained on me, clasped
My arms, happily embraced,
Beyond the clouds, dissolved in Sunrays!

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