Darkness creeps, the azure sky,

Celestial stars, twinkling high,

while the moon, draped in a cloud,

stars studded, the crown of my beloved! 

The gentle caressing Breeze,

That ripples on the high seas,

Heart never fails to forget,

Past memories comfort,

Near visions of you,

Blurred images pursue,

Mouth a cupid’s bow, parted lips,

Depicts, blooming tulips,

Hair, a veritable cluster of ringlets,

Few could look and forget!

Hiding, her ivory brow,

Below, eyes flashing, glorious grey,

Countenance, shone a delicate humour,

Fairness stunning, her face lunar,

Dress of pure white linen,

Basking in her radiance, smitten!

Splendour, of thy queenly dignity,

Bound by my, patronizing loyalty!

Eyes wide, fail to blink,

Smarting, tears to the brink,

Wishes for another second,

Bonded together, a legend,

Dissolved in thy, sublime love,

In this life and next I vow,

Sensing the fragrance of you,

Looking through mist and due,

Walking down the, moonlit glade,

Happily, ever, out of the grave!!

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  1. Such a beautiful piece, I absolutely love it! There’s a graceful here that is truly a joy to read! Well done, my friend 🖤🤗

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