Pair of distressed,sleepless eyes, Precisely determined, mind disguise, Appalling,oppressive self-conscious, Bestowed memories,made thy anxious, Perpetual play between the drapes, That mischievous life none escapes! Melancholy moods and immature nights, Speechless stories never delights! Relationships,blissful might sour, Happiness lost in an uproar!   Whatever others say never stay, Empty promises chokes thy breath away! Distance travelled […]


Distant rolling mountains, hued blue, Silhouetted, like an woman’s dorsal view, Dotted clouds hugs and adorns, Winged avian flew greeting the dawn! Her countenance conveyed humor, A lotus in a weaving stupor, Sending ripples, miles of memories, A vision beyond the horizon ‘n boundaries! Yellow skins and pink hues blushing Vibrant designer clouds, art thou […]


Garden full of blooming lilies,      Says,here ‘am the honey! Through your heart warming,      Want some more, thirsting! Nectar smeared, on thy lips,       Plowing through, memory clips! Strawberries, with poetical flavor,      Soft ‘n feathery, stunning, demeanor!   Her fathomless cornea ‘n lashes,      Dashing looks, my heart crashes!        Bed full of roses, […]


Mom kissed me, when I’m child, Sister kissed me, when I cried, But “Sri” only looked at me, And that made me happy; Mom’s kisses faded away, Sister’s kisses vanished in play, The quite unspoken words, Beauty in her floral skirt, She never kissed at all; The Kiss in Sri’s eyes, can tell, Five decades […]