The gentle breeze, of the  Aegean seas,

Blew over Olympus mountains, in Greece;

High above a castle, lived Orpheus,

A lyre player, drives everyone oblivious;

Orpheus lyre, enchanted Eurydice,

A damsel, of stunning beauty, none defies;

Their marriage was a glorious one,

But jubilation always ends;

Eurydice life ebbed, by viper’s fangs,

Devastated Orpheus, in angst,

Pursued her to the underworld,

And convinced Hades, the lord,

To return his bride;

Never to part, by his side

But the gates were guarded,

By Cerberus, a hound three headed

Fell asleep, charmed by his lyre;

The underworld king ‘n queen inspired,

Concurred, Eurydice to live again
On condition, she walks behind

Orpheus, never looks back to find,

Until she reaches the light,

And resurrects her body right;

From darkness to light, they walked,

But couldn’t hear her footfalls, irked,

That gods are making fun,

Thought, she’s not behind him;

Tormented Orpheus,raging blind,

Few steps to light, lost his mind,

Slowly, turned to look back

The shadow, of Eurydice walk,

Sooner he looked, she melted

Back to Hades, the land of the dead!

Story Greek mythology courtesy Google
Picture curtesy google

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