Salzburg! an Austrian city glistens,

Feathery white snow, of heavens,

Flakes of the Alpine mountains,

Freezing pines, wind so intense,

Chilly breeze, clipping my ears,

Warm in my arms, clutching my collars,

She watched me, her celestial eyes,

My feelings, of being in paradise!

She implored will you love me forever?

I pledged, with all my heart, together

We hiked happily, all over the city,

Me happier, with a girl so pretty,

Rowed in the Salzach river,

Till the Bavarian, German border,

Operas, concerts, theatre performances,

Hohensalzburg fortress, to all 27 churches!

Finally, we rested on Mirabell Gardens,

Clasping my hand, with perplexed passion,

Auburn hair hallowed, shrouded her expression,

Quizzical question in love, forbidden,

Will you sacrifice your life for, me?

I Said no and she left me, to bereave!

Not knowing, she is my life,

My future beloved wife,

My fuzzy mind, harder to believe,

Truth without proof, can’t retrieve,

The extreme deficit of empathy,

With unique agony of uncertainty,

But, don’t want to hurt my heart,

Still, it belongs to her!!

Image curtesy Gify

23 thoughts on “MELANCHOLIC VERSUS

  1. You have captured the real essence of the nature around Salzburg! A lovely place and mesmerizing words adds to it! Make us dream about the place through your words and kindles memories of my visit to Salzburg!. Thank you so much

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  2. Great graphics congratulations 🎉 Graphics catch the eye of the Reader. So important to see colour when we read. Of course graphic art is my passion. Thank you sharing thoughtfully for me 😁😁😁🤣😉

    Liked by 2 people

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