Attributes of love is, LIKING INTIMACY!

Plus commitment is COMPANIONATE affinity!

Add PASSIONATE love, is pure ROMANTIC!

Passion includes INFATUATION specific!

Plus commitment, is love FATUOUS!

Pure commitment is, EMPTY LOVE conscious!

Passion, intimacy, commitment

Together, enhances love CONSUMATE!

Let’s elaborate vis- a- vis

According to ancient Greeks wish

EROS means passionately EROTIC,


STORGE means generically FAMILIAR,

LUDUS means PLAYFULLY peculiar,

MANIA means OBSESSIVE behavior,

PRAGMA means ENDURING character,


AGAPE means loving SELFLESS!  

Appreciation, admiration are LIKING!

Strong desire physical intimacy is LOVING!    

Togetherness, desire, feelings, denotes devotion,

Shared respect, affection, trust, conveys COMPASSION!

Reciprocated intense emotions, sexual anxiety

And affection, leads to PASSIONATE empathy!

Combination of intimacy, passion, commitment or more,

Determines, CONSUMATE love, will score!

Finally CONSUMATE love is an impeccable one

To discover everlasting love, bliss and devotion!

36 thoughts on “FUNDAMENTALS OF LOVE

    1. I have mentioned different types of love and it’s effects and Kate you will have to find out what type of love you are experiencing.. this is just a theory and one’s feelings might be different ! 🤝

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