Victory is not exploiting the weak,

When chances of conquering is bleak!

Chivalrous knights are discouraged

For taming fear, triumphs courage!

Where love itself proposes,

While body demands, soul chooses,

Too much love and tenderness

Creeps, psychic delusions, mind restless!

When love beckons, give heed,

Embrace, till wounded, then bleed!

Respect love until you dream,

When shattered, a silent scream!

When love speaks listen

But erring is human, your eyes glisten!

Love endorses a king qualified,

So will you, be crucified!

Love will strip you naked,

Truth belated, spurned, detested!

For love, there‘s lot to sacrifice,  

Shift, swap, your positions compromised!

Ego, chastity, morale, pride vanishes

Until satiated, love banishes!

Wedded, children born you can’t own,

Their life’s different, now unknown!  

Love itself is a parasite

Thrives on, mind and body’s appetite!!

Love is adverse in countless ways,

But a necessary evil, as I portrayed!!


  1. Wow, I never thought of love this way before. But it made perfect sense 😀 beautiful in a scary way. Love the poem ❤

    PS: I unfollow to follow again. For some reason I don't see your post in my feed despite following you already 😦

    Liked by 3 people

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