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  • Dark, murky, extensively gloomy, oblivion,
  • Deafening silence prevails, veiled vision,
  • God created heavens first,
  • Then divided the sea to form earth!
  • Said, let there be light, that matters,
  • Skimming over vast expanse of water,
  • Depressive darkness was omnipresent,
  • Light made day and night pleasant!
  • Then transpired the vegetation,
  • Whales of the ocean and animal habitation,
  • From dust, he created man, in his image,
  • Body was born called Adam onto his visage!
  • God breathe through his nostrils,
  • A living soul is born, with throbbing pulse,
  • By the rib of Adam, Eve was created,
  • To multiply replenish, a wife related!
  • Without naval, they both not draped,
  • Buck naked and were not ashamed,
  • And God warned Adam to avoid,
  • The tree of knowledge, good ‘n evils guide,
  • But the forbidden fruit, tasted for pleasure,
  • By Eve first and Adam said its better,
  • A mind was born, of emotional nature,
  • With knowledge, mind magnified, mature!
  • While flesh inflames heart’s evil desires,
  • Self- conscious deceives and mind conspires,
  • Soul succumbs to become world conscious,
  • Unaware it resides, in his sub conscious!
  • While flesh of body shrouded by sin,
  • Desire, personality, perception Inherited by kin,
  • Commanded by soul, comprises our will,
  • Shackled by intellectual memory, emotions fulfil!
  • While the Holy Spirit governs,
  • Judging for sin and righteousness, adjourned,
  • Governed by body, mind and soul accuses,
  • Implicate its sins but excuses!
  • While mind is latched on to the world,
  • Away from God’s morale, behold,
  • Body communicates our soul’s desire,
  • Communion helps enlightenment, to acquire!
  • While spirit’s faith in our senses, 
  • God conscious communicates, defends us,
  • Until life depletes and soul dissolves,
  • The spirit grabs the soul for God to absolve!!   

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed within this poem are the Personal opinions of the author. This is not intended to arouse Any misunderstanding or misrepresent religious beliefs. Please read this casually Without any ambiguity!


  1. Body communicates our soul’s desire,

    VERY interesting. This is actually a serious philosophical question that allude to here. Do you personally experience it like this?

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