Drowned in memories, miles I walked,

Holding my hands, she talked;

Climbed Mountain peaks, with ease,

Her auburn hair, hallowed in breeze,

None of her words I could hear,

With her, put me none the wiser,

Walked the jungle, rains lashing,

Navigating streams, my heart dashing,

So many things, she said,

None of them I have read,

Devastated, I strolled with sorrow,

Never a word, today or tomorrow;  

She taught me, great deal of things,

Her fading demeanor, that brings,

Walking with sorrow and weeping daffodils,

Swirling mist ‘am standing still,

Blurred vision, consumed her tomb,

I could see her soul, in gloom,  

Tears winking to the brim,

Frosted heart, mind so grim,

My years of journey, here ends,

Dissolving together, we blend.  





34 thoughts on “RESOLUTION OF Love

  1. Golden memories and silver tears was a song sung by Jim Reeves.The poem Resolution of love transcends the earthly love and goes beyond time.Well prepared and congratsSrikanth for bringing out the inner feeling of love.


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