Unnourished, farms ruined

Pampered kids, temperament ruined,

Loans of conflict, lender ruined,

Funds evolves, relationships ruined;


Unexplored measure of revenue ruined,

Too much feasting, flavor ruined,

Untaught lessons, education ruined,

Undisciplined, survival ruined;


Divided, relationships ruined,

Erotic delights, life ruined,

Unsolicited, fellowship ruined,

Speaking harsh, words ruined;


Spare the rod, child ruined,

Borrowing money, existence ruined,

Bygone passion, love ruined,

Possessing money, peace ruined;


Rude and aggressive, charity ruined,

Undiplomatic, deeds ruined,

Being lazy, growth ruined,

Selfish deeds, efforts ruined;


Falsified feelings, love ruined,

Rebellious, conjugal affairs ruined,

Cowardice, courage ruined,

Being guilty, everything ruined;


Without ploughing, lands ruined,

Being lazy, health ruined,

Wrecking nature, country ruined,

Stagnant water, well is ruined;


Lack of spouse, ancestry ruined,

Without compassion, humanity ruined,

Wife’s absence, life ruined,

Traumatic retirement, elders ruined;


Undisciplined women, character ruined,

Extensive desires, happiness ruined,

Frightened cowards, life ruined,

Random destinations, travel ruined;


Being Deceitful, love ruins,

Intense lust, mind ruins,

Wealth perished, respect ruined

Traitors pledge, tribute ruined;


Abusive, dialect ruined,

Barren trees, forest ruined,

Deforestation, rains ruined,

Lost target, quest ruined;


Detecting guilt, relationship ruined,

Abandoned home, habitation ruined,

Poverty stricken, everything ruined,

Missing a bath, physique ruined;


Cold meal, food ruined,

Makeup appearance, beauty ruined,

Telling lies, fame ruined,

Missing vitality, youthfulness ruined;


Resigning to fate, success ruined,

Sleeplessness, night ruined,

Sleeping after sunrise, day ruined,

Vague activity, results ruined;


Meaningless words, language ruined,

Gluttonous eating, appetite ruined,,

Ignoring medication, health ruined,

Miser’s money, wealth ruined…!


Pessimistic views,optimism thrives,

Knowledge of negativity,success thrives,

Overcoming fear,victory thrives,

Diverse intelligence, confidence thrives…!!


  1. Wow srikanth!!!!
    What flow of have thougth of every aspect of life.awesome. keep going.waiting for more

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  2. Yes we can thrive in the midst of ruin!!The flare of language and the thought are commendable.Life is not just a race for objective achieve ment but it has many subjective variations which is exemplified . Congrats and keep it up 😊😊😀

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      1. Personal experience it is. Materialistic life, education etc just enhances one’s Ego. Kabir said ‘कबीर बड़ी बहादुरी करी, पुस्तक देई बहाई। बावन अक्षर शोधिकरी, रगे मां मैं मन लाई॥ means: After researching in book using 52 alphabets, it has enhanced my ego only, and only after I dared to throw them in the Ganges and came to know this. So one has to deliberately dare to just live for food and water with deep trust on God that he will hold your hand, if one kept remembering this trust till last breath like Jesus did.

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