Religion is different and so many,

Idols and gospels accompany,

Ways and methods of preaching,

To attain God and reaching!

Spirituality is one on one,

For those wide awake with passion,

No need for guidance,

But listening to inner voice, substance!

Religion has set of rules, to

Frighten or threaten, what’s true?

Represses the mind and clogs,

Invents the truth, with dialogues!


Spirituality invokes, the quest

For true knowledge, that manifest,

The inner peace and tranquility,

To atone, learn with marginal ambiguity!


Religion invents ways and means,

Blind in its path, questions are sins,

Quite human an organization,

Enforced rules with determination!


Spirituality is divine, omnipresent,

Culminates everything God represents,

Inimitable trust, faith bears integrity,

Rules are seldom, just conscious activity!


Religion provokes, performs rituals,

Idols and pictures are visuals,

The preaching escalates ego,

To follow a God, never let go!


Spirituality thrills oneself to find,

To transcend beyond our mind,

And live this life with almighty,

Through meditation, triggers reality!


Religion evokes dreams of heaven,

Lives in past and future prison,

Eternal life and muddled beliefs,

Life after death, a myth, deceased!


Spirituality in human’s experience,

Humans in spirituality by perseverance,

Sins and sinners are just instruments,

Finding God in oneself is enlightenment!!

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  1. Wow! I just love this truth you have spoken! This is the truth the mystics teach of and this is what I believe and follow for religion is filled with the leaven that leaves the soul spiritually bankrupt! Well done Srikanth! ❤

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  2. Love all your posts and followed your blog for more such posts in future. I have started blogging recently and would be happy if you could visit my blog and give your genuine feedback on my content too. Thanks

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  3. Very insightful poem. I completely agree, organized religion smothers one’s inner life. Being spiritual allows one the freedom to think and explore the cosmos. I believe in a higher power and I talk with her every day. I don’t need anyone to dictate how I do this.

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