The sharpest sword,can kill or maim, 
Sentiments hurt,by words defame! 

Distant vision of sun and moon,
Proceed faster,to frontiers unknown,

Passed memories,yesterday remains,
Past wanes,the nature designs! 

Where love prevails today’s blessing,
Hopes of tomorrow,keeps you guessing!

Mountains,oceans are not the biggest, 
But wretched men’s lust,disgusts!  

Can’t we melt steel or break one? 
But keep thy promise,unbroken! 

The breeze we breathe,gives life, 
To leave and atone humility,is wise! 

Families, the nearest we recognize, 
But time perceives our demise!

Layers of ignorance to realize, 
Wisdom is our virtue,to summarize!!  


Image courtesy by zedge wallpapers 

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